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Some of my best friends in clowning wear wigs from Everyday's A Holiday

ShaSha the Clown like the Fun Flip, she like it so much she wears two at a time.  Sha started doing this about four years ago, she does come with some great ideas.................


SweetCheeks like the Giggles in black for her Bag Lady Character


Ansty The Clown like 530WG she likes Hot Pink, she also wears it in Green



Another happy customer of Everyday's A Holiday, this is LuLu The Clown in her new Circus Circus Wig in Blue.  The Blue color just made it POP, she looks lovely............


This is me, as Holiday The Clown.  I wear the Cindy, a page boy style wig.  I wear it in many diffferent colors, for Holiday has story of why she has so many different hair color, it's from all the different good the fruit and vegetables she eats.  I feel your clown character can also help kids learn, this is my lesson having a good diet.

Caring for your Clown Wig by Everyday's A Holiday
 "The Largest Supplier of Clown Wigs" in the clowning
At convention in showing a wig, I have a professional wig display, a stock wig can not be showed without the use of plastic wig cap.  This is a health issue and all wig dealers that are professional should follow.

Wig Care by Everyday's A Holiday, you now have purchase a clown wig from Everyday's A Holiday, the largest clown wig business in the clowning world of vendors. I have the biggest selection, and the largest inventory, and I have been a full time working clown for 35 years wearing a WIG.    All wigs are professional clown wigs, they are pre-style via the manufacter; they should need little if any trimming or cutting.  It is best to allow your new wig to fall out for a few days before addressing any cutting, it will not grow back like your real hair.  Make an appointment with your hair dresser and go with your full face on, and bring any hat or hair items, such as bow, clips, feathers, and etc.   After each wear of your new wig place on a wig stand or styro head for airing.  Wigs should be washed every 6-8 times wearing, depending on the need.  To wash your wig find a sink or basin with cold water.   Now add in some professional wig shampoo, or quality shampoo, stir into the water.   Now dip your wig into the cold water, do this repeatly, now allow wig in soak in this water for a few mintues.   Drain shampoo water, and now raise with cold water, hang on hook and allow the wig to dip into the sink or basin.  Allow to dip for a number of hours, you can now uses a towel to press lightly any extra water, don't twist in towel.  Gentle set wig on wig stand or styro head, don't stretch the wig skull cap.  Once the wig is dry gentle shake it allowing wig hair to fall in pre-set style of the wig.  A professional clown wig will fall back into the style.  You can now comb or pic to your liking.    Note that wigs have an adjustment arrange in back some have sewed in hooks and loops, other have elastic that can be adjusted.  Having a professional clown wig will give a the professional looks that many clients want, you will look great and you will be the character you are in clowning..............Holiday 





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