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All costumes are designed and MADE IN THE USA, supporting a USA Women Own Small Business will kept the USA growing and going. It will also aid your clowning business for the more USA  Small Business grows the more all corporates in USA will grow.   These ladies in this photo were the start of MADE IN THE USA



Classic Whiteface, Comdey Whiteface, Auguste, Tramp, Hobo, Bag Lady, Character Clown, Lite Auguste   -  I wardrobe all, define your clown and I can design it.   What does Del a ware Everyday's A Holiday Designer Costumes

                                   Thank you, Holiday     

What people are saying about my costumes:

Eric Seidel , of Va.  "Good quality and good prices plus when you make something, it looks professionally made. Also, being a clown, knowledge what will wear well and not fall apart when cleaned."  fb 6/4/13


Holiday The Clown


Everyday's A Holiday with Holiday The Clown
  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our products.
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To  promote The Art of Clowning with the best clowns out there

Please email me your address for a form for ordering:  (email to:
Request must have your information:  Mailing address
   Email Address
   Phone Number
   Clown Name
   Type of Clown:
     Whiteface, Comedy Whiteface, Auguste, Tramp, Hobo, Lite Auguste.
   If wardrobe for a balloonist or face painter.  
You can also enlarge this on your computer, and fill in the information, and send it in attackment, or call me with information needed 



Measurement  Guide


The chart below for dress style may aid you with the design you wish for me to uses in your design


These charts may aid you in the design you wish me to design for you in blouse or dress.  I do many different sleeve style, my favorite is the pick-a-boo style, totally beautiful


If you are supplying fabric for a design, this chart will aid with the different needs via width of fabric. If your choice of fabric is to light weight I will have to inter lined for the draping of costume will not work for the design.





Please measure fullest part of body for true measurement, hip measurement is done  9 inches down from waist. Bust measurement at full part, (bra band size is not the measurement) 

In clowning costume industry the sizes have not been standard to the  fashion industry of the USA.  My costumes are made to the normal fashion standard. All my patterns are design to give you airflow to keep you cool while clowning.  My designs will give you room for your movement as an active carpet clown, so you can be the interactive clown of games, dancing, and movement.   A clowns wardrobe is lose not fitted, so you will feel the relax fit as your work.  If you wear a Large in daily fashion, you will wear a large in clown wardrobe.    Hope this aides your purchase, I am always looking out for my clients.  The lack of drafting and designing of patterns as a true seamstress of their product is the reason why the clowning costume industry has sizing not standard.   We now have costume vendor that are clueless of design and measurement, but they can market and sell.  
                                  Thank you, Carol "Holiday" Coleman










cost $10 more

Cost $15 more













Chest 58-60















I DO MAKE LARGER SIZE ITEMS, AND ALL COSTUME VENDORS DO.   THE COST OF LARGER SIZE ITEMS ARE MORE, FOR THE COSTUME WILL TAKE 3-4 YARDS MORE TO PRODUCTS.   THE LARGER SIZE ORDERS ALSO TAKE MORE TIME DUE TO THE ALTERNATION OF PATTERNS OF DESIGN, FOR THE WAIST/HIP MUST BE ADJUSTED, AND THE CHEST HAS MAJOR ALTERNATION DUE FULLNESS AND ARM MOVEMENT NEEDS.    The false statement that one clown has made over and over again on Facebook that Big Girl Costume are not made by vendors is untrue, please don't view the new/clueless comments as fact.    All vendors that sew and design their own costumes do address the Larger clowns costume needs.   USA costume designer make costume of quality and size to fit all, our cost will be more for we pay USA taxes as Small Businesses.  Supporting a USA businesses, aids your future and your business growth.



Inseam your measurement needed for all pants

Sleeve Length your measurement needed for shirt and jackets

Neckline Measurement needed for collar, shirt, and tie

Long Sleeve - measurement generally 18 inches from shoulder to wrist

Dress - back of neck to waist generally 16 inches

Dress skirt length is generally 22 inches (petticoat are all 22 inches long)  

Bloomer are made mid-calf

Jumpsuit are made mid-calf

I do requirer measurement for all special order items, I will fax or mail you my measurement guidelines.  All special order costumes will take 3-4 months delivery time or more.   In the clown world we lost one major design in 2012, currently the order load has been  very heavy.  In October 2012, Delaware was hit by Sandy, and than we were hit a 2nd time when Sandy turn into a tropical storm and came across the Delaware Bay hitting us hard.  I have damage, and it been a long journey of repairs.   Thank you  for your understanding, this is still on going as of June 2013.   

  Carol "Holiday" Coleman



I suggest that all costume be washed in cold wash,  since most fabrics in the USA are now 100% cloth I would suggest wash them right side in,  All costumes should be lined dry and than press via streamer or iron..  

Pictures of whom are wearing costumes that I have made


Apple Dumpling The Clown
In a costume by Everyday's A Holiday at NASCAR Event


Bubble The Clown
Looking beautiful in a costume by Everyday's A Holiday


Steve Kissell
Wearing sailor pants by Everyday's A Holiday


Sha Sha The Clown
She is at a US Capitol Event in a costume by Everyday's A Holiday


Vivian MacArthur
Won 2nd Place at COAI in this Everyday's A Holiday costume


Lareen "Sweet Cheeks" Meyers -wins in a Everyday's A Holiday costume at Clownfest, and Top Ten COAI


Barabara " Sweet Thang" Cox wins Top Ten in a Everyday's A Holiday costume at COAI


Sweet Cheeks The Clown
Won Top Ten at COAI in this costume by Everyday's A Holiday


Sweet Cheeks working in a costume by Everyday's A Holiday


The Hegeman String Band 2010
Everyday's A Holiday had the honor of making costumes for the Mummers Band 2010



Cathy "Sunshine" Adams looking beautiful in her costume from Everyday's A Holiday the press loved her



Another winner in a costume from Everyday's A Holiday - Mid Atlantic Shriner 2011


Boo Boo The Clown  wearing a Camp Shirt by Everyday's A Holiday


Another costume wins 2nd place at COAI in Clarksville, Indiana


So many wonderful clown in costumes by Everyday's A Holiday



My first Square Dancing Costume for a client in New York going to a Square Dance Convention of  4,000 attending - Thanks, Carol.....I felt like the belle of the ball!

I did a lot research on this, for Square Dance Costume are so different, the skirt is fuller, the bodice is lower, and sleeve are opening for the dancer to stay cool.  The costume don't have pocket like we have in clowning.  They don't come with bloomer like we have in clowning.  The are shorter and pettipants.  They are trimmed with ruffles on outside of fabric, and trimmed with lace.   I enjoy the learning of the Square Dance world, now I think I will start sewing a few, they are less detail and with 4,000 attending convention, compare to clown convention of 150 only attending, the income level is far more.



CaroL "Holiday" Coleman wide range of designs, I have set-up this web site in catalog format with most all things needed for clowning.  The costume area is catalog under: Dresses, Pants & Bloomer, Jumpers, Jumpsuits, Vest, Collars & Cuffs, Skirts, Aprons, Tops, Hats, and Assessory Items. I sew all costumes myself, you are getting a hand made USA product, single women owned business.  I have been sewing for over 50 years.  I have been a Professional FULL TIME working clown for 35 years.  I know and understand a working clown, I have placed TOP TEN many times for years. Many of clients have placed Top Ten in costumes I designed for them.  I have judged makeup and costumes in the clowning world for over 15 years, for COAI, WCA, SECA, MACA, Clownfest, and Shriners.  You want to purchase from someone that knows the art of clowning to aid your look and clown.  I will make you Star.  Everyday's A Holiday Clown Costumes are reasonable and seasonable, let me make you a Star


1) Selection the right wardrobe for your character:  Whiteface, Comdey Whiteface, Auguste, Tramp, Bag Lady, Character Clown, Lite Auguste

2) Select fabric that are durable (I see many sew costumes in cheap satins, to light weight fabric for pants, and to big of a print.)

3) Trims: Ric Rack - Not a product for a professional clown costume design,  Satin- pre-make yardage of ruffle - not a product for a professional clown costume design,Eyelid - if used purchase the best, if not it will fall apart via wear.

4) Sleeve design- I see many very flat not full puff of sleeves at should line, this will not give the look of stage appearance for your character if Comdey Whiteface or Auguste girl clown.  It will also be warm to wear and not good air flow.

5) Ruffles - I see many ruffles done on clown costumes that are not full and eased in, they appear flat with no flow to the circle skirt line.  I used only folded fabric, serged edge, gather, set along hem line with a nice flow, this give edge movement for the ruffle stand out and is a total ruffle.  It is the knowledge of a good seamstress to do this right.  I used over 6 lenghts of fabric to make one ruffle for a bottom trim of dresses.  Do cheap, it looks cheap, so take the extra steps and cost for a professional look.

6) Lack of interlined, some call this Lite Line Costume/Wardrobe  - it will give your a lower price, but the garment will not have body and will hang correctly.  In bloomers and pants they will be see thru.

7) Collars - these are easy to make, they are worn to total look of your character, they are also worn to aid the costume wear and should be addressed often for new bow, button, and make-up stain.  Always address more than one collar for a costume, for these show wear first.

8) OVERDONE LOOK -  I have seen many a clown have far to much from hat, costume design, wigs and etc.  Tone it down, look at yourself in full make and wardrobe and see what you look like close up    Maybe the hat is overwhelming, maybe your make-up design need refinement, maybe your costumes needs refinement, bows to big, and harsh style of wardrobe.  Be your best and be a Professional not a Overdone Clown.  KID FRIENDLY PLEASE  You will see the different, the kids will come running to hug you.  Harsh design will not be kids friendly.  A hat that has brim that is to big with make your wig, pull down to much, covering your make-up design, this has been a problem with many hats being sold in the last 7 years in the vendor business.

9) GOODWILL Costumes - You may fine some good fines, but if you just add a ruffle or bow, it will still be a GoodWill Clown Look, take the garment apart and uses the fabric, and make yourself something wonderful, than you will have a Wardrobe.  Do note the fabric, poly fabric will not work, even if they are a great print.  They will be too hot to work in.  If fabric is not a blend of cotton or cotton it will be hard to wear cause skin problems working on a hot day.  Wool and cotton are breathable. 

10) Smelly Clown -  Your costume represents your business,  I have worked with the smelly clown and it is awful.  Wash or dry clean your costume, wash your wig, and polish the shoes.  Your are a Professional so be Professional your client deserve this and so does the Art of Clown

11) Trademark prints and applique, in the USA avoid anything with a trademark print or design of, Disney has more lawyers than the Pope.   If your earning a income you should follow the copyright regulation

12) In your designing please avoid being the Rainbow bright clown, this will have you viewed as a first of May.  If you need help call a professional designer they will aid you.

13) The unwritten rule, never copy another clown,  I have had many copy my designs, this is an honor, but they will never be HOLIDAY THE CLOWN, and if they do copy they will never grow into the clown they could have been

14) The month of January - February are my sew times.  .All other times are longer turn around came be 3-4 months due to a heavy booking time with Convention in March-May, and clowning from May-September, and Storytelling from October-December.  I sew and design all,  I am not s farm out business or hirer staff to piece work.    I am a professional seamstress sewing professional since age 15 for a fabric store and owning a small business of alternation.   If you want FAST TURN AROUND seek others, I deciated my time to each item as if it was my own wardrobe to give you a MASTER PIECE.      I have the Right to Cancel all order that do become a problem client as all seamstress all do.  If you want now purchase READY NOW items.    





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