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Owner of this store is Holiday The Clown - Everyday's A Holiday with Holiday The Clown  since 1977  We have been making Memories
                         * LOWEST PRICES 
                        * I  have no overhead of farming out for seamstress work,
                           I am the owner and do it all myself (this lower my cost)
                                 *  ALWAYS NEW ITEMS ARE BEING DESIGN
                                             * No over done applique or Trademark Characters.
                                             * All seams double stitch and serger, interlined of most
                                             * I do repairs and I have seem the poor seamstress work being done
                                             * Catering to Sizes S, M. L, XL,   Special Sizing 2X-5X
                                             * Custom Designs, I do measurement right as a seamstress, you can custom your colors, fabric, pockets, and more
                                             * As owner, I am a  Designer, so alway fresh and new items of designs.     
                        * Always Orginals never see your self coming and going! 
                       *  DESIGNS, CUTTING, SEWING,  DONE BY THE OWNER -  "Holiday" 
                       *  I have been SEWING FOR OVER 60 YEARS
                      * A seamstress as the ownership gives the client true fit and design, other than that the owner is just a retailer. 
                       * Over 20 years of Teaching the Art of Clowning via convention and workshops
                       * Holiday The Clown has won in every catagory but Lite August many times 1st place in competition,
                         at many convention across the USA  I am a full grease clown so would never view clowning as LIte Auguste
                       * Able to aid you in your need of wardrobe for Classic Whiteface, Comedy Whiteface, Auguste,
                         Lite Auguste, Tramp, Hobo, and Character Clown
                  * Costumes for Character of Non Trademark, such as Mother Goose, Pirate, Mrs. Claus and more.  
                       * ORIGNAL OWNERSHIP, NOT A TURN OVER BUSINESS OF ClOWN SUPPLIES  many have changed hand and live off of the Original
                          Ownership Worth
                       *  I now view On-Line Sales as the future of any clown supplies business, with less than 6% of membership attending a clown convention, and cost of these
                          convention leave little funds for them to purchase at a convention.  As a business wise Clown Supply business, I see the investment of funds and time to search
                          engines, marketing on line with Etsy, Ebay, Facebook, PinInterest, and etc more profitable for business.   Convention marketing are not viewing their
                          need to work with the vendorfor they aid their convention growth via their on line interest, 
                .     * Just because your a vendor does not make you able to be lecture staff this is so wrong does not aid the growth of the Art of Clowning
                          Time to view a change in convention planning and growth.  
   Think about your next purchase, aid the USA  and support USA Small Business
   The Mexican and Latin American costumes are not paying taxes and selling in the USA  
   Support USA SMALL BUSINESS, it will aid your business growth in the end and you will be busy booking
   Small businesses will bring back the USA   Walk the Talk and Support MADE IN THE USA
  I only accept orders in the United States, no oversea orders.

Everyday's A Holiday is Where the Professional Clowns Shop!
Please remember if you order at custom made items it take 8-10 weeks to create January-February, if not in the months of March-December.  Note: January-February are my sew times, I do no book heavy in clowning/storytelling during these time.   The months of March-December are heavy booking times for convention, clowning, and storytelling,  all orders that come in doing this time will take 4 months or more.   In addition I have  many fabric listed on fabric page, if the item you order needs additional fabric to custom make the suppliers may take 3-4 weeks to ship the fabric to me.  THIS IS WHAT CUSTOM MADE IS, NOT MASS PRODUCTED COOKIE CUTTER COSTUMES. of the same rainbow or polka dot print with different solid colors fabric.   You will not see, another in your same costume.   We have all seem the same costume one has on another clown as convention.  I am a full time working clown, so remember weekly I a also clowning.   I sew daily, and work daily on all orders.    Speciality costumes will take longers: such as Pirate, Mrs. Claus, Santa, or Character Clown. these are very detail wardrobe and time is need to draft a pattern, get the specility fabri/fur, order in special needles to sew on the special trim/fur/fabric.   I have the Right to Cancel any order if the client become a problem client as all professional seamstress will do.  I you want NOW, I suggest going to Halloween Costume Shop, speciality items take time to do it right and make the most WONDERFUL COSTUME EVER FOR YOU.     

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Telephone: 1-302-430-0909
Please note for security reasons NO CALLS WITHOUT CALLER ID will be answer, leave a message and your call will be returned
 No Telemarketing Caller this number is on the Do Not Call Registry  

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