Pirate Storytelling and Parties  

001A#39 Holiday Apron Pirate Flags Black trim
Nice Pirate Print, great for Face Painting and Balloons at all the Pirate Events, 3 pocket, fabric black ties, ties in back, ruffle hand gather double folder, grosgrain ribbon trim  Remember you can add a bow, hats, or collar to your order Item #001A#39pirateap

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Pirate Parties & Storytelling- Maryland Beach Area, Delaware
Planning your sEvents for 2016, hirer a professional storytelling with 38 years of do shows for corporation, community, school shows, and events call 302-430-0909 to book and confirm time.   Storytelling, Magic, Games, Gold Hunt, and Face Painting.   Don't be disappointing with balloon as the show, have a real event with fun and entertainment.   (starting price for one hour) Item #Pirate Parties

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Carol "Holiday" Coleman





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