797 Ruffle Bib Jumper Custom Order

Jumper is full circle, made of print fabric, interlined, two insert pockets side seam, one row fabric ruffle, bib is sewn to waist band, waist band is elastic in back, two straps on bib Chris cross in back, pin in place, this is just the jumper. Ruffle can be around the bub or on bib side seam and strap  Message me the your color choice and print and I will send your fabric sample photos to select from. 6-8 weeks delivery time.   Other items such as blouse, school collar, bows, cuffs can be order to match.

Item #797CusRufJumper

Ruffle Style

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Overall and Jumper & Plus Sz CUSTOM ORDER

For the last few year of have heard many a clown say they cannot locate anything for the Large Girl.  I been looking, and finally found a pattern that I can work with and alter into a clown costume.  I will add pocket to the front bib,  You and add ruffles  Jumper will be knee lenght  

Item #OverJumperPLUSC


Regular price $250.00 

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Carol "Holiday" Coleman





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