Everyday's A Holiday Vending Request at your Event NEW POLICY AS OF APRIL 25, 2018, the changes are #1-9

1. All Space must be giving that is needed by Everyday's A Holiday to set my display of items  This space is at no cost to Everyday's A Holiday

2. All travel cost must be paid for by the event  (air fare, tolls, gas, limo to hotel, pariking)

3. Schudule of event must be giving ASAP, with dates and time of set up and break down. The number of hours vendors room is open. this must be given for me to view accepting. 10 hours or less is not acceptable. 

4. Hotel room cost must be paidfor all days need to setup and break down by the convention, or I will not accepts.  The low number of attendance has changed vendors cost as a small business I can no longer have these cost. Vendors make your convention, so it is time to view this and paid for this cost via as valueable and your cost  to cover vendor that aid your attendance and staff of teaching. 

5, I will teach for free one class for every two table

6. I will donate two wardrobe items for auction or raffle

7. Convention must post my link on there web site and I will post your convention link on my web site. My Lpgo and web site address must be on all flyers of the convention

8. Convention of 125  attending or less only I will be the only CLOTH vendors. No Camp Shirt, No Vest, No Skirts, No Pants, No Hats, No Dresses by any other vendor

9,. Convention of 125 - 200 TWO Vendors of Cloth,  201-300 Three Vendors of Cloth, 300 -400 - Four Vendors of Cloth, No limits if over 400 in attendance

10. Please view this vendor as a Sole Propriertor Business with 22 years in the retail business. I work SOLO, I Design all items, I sew all items, I am a steamstress. I have been a Clown for over 45 years.sewing my costumes than sewing for other. I am not CIRCUS, I am better for I preformer a strong entertainer we are  the work force of clowning - hometown clown. Not all clowns are circus roots, we that are the working force are more experiensed for training one to be earning income as a clown. (not many circus jobs out their for clowns since 2018).   I have the right to CANCEL at any time due to Illiness or Death in Family.  I have only miss two events in 45 years in the business. I am STELLAR at my business and your client will be please.  I am VERY RESPONSIBLE and have held many offices in the clown world at WCA, MACA, Kapitol Klown Alley 6, Free State Alley 30, Congressional Clowns, Crabtowne Clown  A strong business and business owner. 

11. All must be sent via US Mail of detail of your convention, (email is acceptable)  All address of location, time for set up, break down, hours vendors open, contact phone numbers, email address must be received 30 days after accepting me. and no later than a month before the event.





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